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Mission & Vision

To maintain the highest quality of products versus the cost effectiveness in the business through constant innovation without compromising our philosophy and the values that define our everyday work, thus assuring a permanent and respectful relationship with our clients, suppliers, community, and environment.
To become the leading in the Agricultural sector both nationally and internationally, by assuring competitive advantages through the implementation of all quality and safety policies and regulations, while maintaining a responsible approach to society and the environment.

Mission & Vision
About Us
About Agrimax

Agrimax Group founded in the EU city Valencia ( Spain ) and with the ambition to establish its vegetable seeds supplier position a cross several markets globally.
The company moved the headquarter later to Barcelona due to increased demand and proximity to one of the biggest ports of Europe, the Port of Barcelona with the ambition to establish its vegetable seeds position across several markets globally.
The company is known for providing a vast variety of seeds , all of which are of the highest qualities , and best performance.

Our Superior seed varieties support our claim being as a global leader in the breeding, development , production , and marketing of all vegetable seeds varieties .
Our offer includes standard OPV, hybrid F1, forage crop , and seed varieties for Hobby sector.


Research- Development

We are characterized by advanced R&D and global marketing where our partners are always supported by best in class technical agronomists. Agrimaxgroup set up different production lines around the globe to ensure superior production of quality seeds. 
Our logistics and supply chain team thrive to meet the different demands of our customers in different regions. AgrimaxGroup invests heavily in its R&D to ensure agricultural Innovations to our customers.
Our team listens deeply to our customers to transfer their demands in the breeding concepts that in turn change in product profile and later into a unique variety. 
Our prove of concept, is that our developed products' taste, size and color to best the preference and demand of both our customers and consumers. This way, we can promise our customers constant improvements and enhancements on all our varieties, and a continuous process of exploring and researching new varieties.

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